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Musician Peggy Leyva Conley released Classical CD’s “Canterbury Manor” and “Ancient Garden of Knowledge” onto the global market.

This also consisted of  CD’s “Midnight Telephone Blues” (Blues-Folk, Vocals, Piano), “In the Face of Blues” (Guitar, Vocals) and “Mountain Blues” – (Guitar, Vocals) of Appalachian and Cumberland Roots music with Global Distribution from the following can be accessed and purchased at:

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CD Canterbury Manor Peggy Leyva 2013

CD “Canterbury Manor”

(Classical Piano-Instrumentals)

Available on the Following website

CD Ancient Garden of Knowledge by Peggy Leyva Conley 2013

CD “Ancient Garden of Knowledge”

(Classical Piano-Instrumentals)

Available on the Following website

CD Midnight Telephone Blues CD 2013 Peggy Leyva Conley

CD “Midnight Telephone Blues”

(Delta Blues, Folk, Soul, Vocals, Piano)

Available at the below website

CD In the Face of Blues 2013

CD “In the Face of Blues”

(Delta Blues, Folk, Guitar, Vocals)

Available on the below website

CD Mountain Blues-Appalachian and Cumberland Roots 2013 Peggy Leyva Conley(1)

CD “Mountain Blues”


(Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, Vocals, Guitar)

Available on the below website

CD  “Passages of Time”

(Classical Piano-Instrumentals)

Available on the Following website


Peggy Leyva-Conley



Peggy Leyva-Conley began playing Piano at the age of eight with an influence to perform by ear, feel to the Piano by her father a naturally gifted Spanish guitar player, and vocalist that inspired her musical creativity. Peggy’s music background consists of Classical, Folk, Blues formal training of Piano Theory and yet she retains her own style, creativity by continuing to create her own original compositions.



The Artist first CD release is titled “Passages of Time” which is a blend of Classical, Symphony, and Instrumental music and contains seventeen original track releases.  The Artist is currently working at Ninja Recording Sound Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee suburb of Nashville on a second Preliminary CD consisting of original compositions. The latest music composed is of themes with an interest in motion television narration movie sounds comprised of original Piano, Instrumental and sound effects. The musical scores each have a title theme pertaining to the whole subject matter which is portrayed in each song, which can be generated into various movie scripts given the artist concepts and ideas as a writer.



Classical Category:  Top 5  – Nashville, Tennessee and is on the National and Global artist release listed.



Member of “The National League of American Pen Women” in the field of Academics and acceptance by the Board which is head-quartered in Washington D.C. The Artist areas of concentration include Writing, Music and Art as a member of the Nashville branch in Tennessee.

The Artist  is also a professional Painter, Author of Poetry and Music and is the former Associate Editor/Columnist for “The Delta Snake Blues Magazine” out of Northern California and has interviewed Legendary Blues-Jazz Musicians as well as doing Music reviews, and  Publicity for major Record Companies on many musicians around the world as a writer and author.  As a writer she has performed live interviews and media coverage at many top Festivals, Concerts , Clubs as well as being on Radio shows.



Peggy has been on MTV Bammy Awards live at the “Tubes Studio” in San Francisco, California with Legendary Blues-man John Lee Hooker, Michael Osborne and Actor Fabian Anthony Forte helping to promote the museum for artist and musicians.



The Artist has performed on DJ Ira Bernstein blues Radio Show on KKUP 91.5 a Bay Area Station live on Piano and Vocals her song titled “All of the Colors” an original composition. Also she has been on DJ Guitar Mac “Blues Review” night show pertaining to the Blues music industry with Director, Writer, and Author Judi Ohr.  Recently the Artist has been on KAFM 88.1 Radio, Grand Junction, Colorado on DJ Jackie JaBeaux show.



As a private student of Music she attended the former establishment of the “Randy Wagner school of Music” located in Hollister, California. The Artist courses of study included “Adult at the Piano” by John W. Schaum, “Rhythm Workbook” (Book 1-6) and “Hymn Primer” produced by the arranger.   The Artist attended Gavilan College in Gilroy, California as a Piano student; she has trained, studied under the guidance of Pianist, Marilyn Markham while taking “Contemporary Class Piano” the Third Edition by Elyse Mach.



As a Pianist Peggy has performed with renowned Pianist, Emily Young of the “Boston Philharmonic Symphony” at the “New England St. Luke’s Episcopal Church” on a Pipe Organ which has been registered, listed as one of the oldest still existing in the country. The establishment was founded in 1876 located in Hollister, California, San Benito County on the Central coastal region.

The artist has performed for guests in the Parlor room on an original Alexander Graham Bell antique Piano at the “White Gate Bed & Breakfast Inn” located in Mendocino, California. (Graham was the inventor of the first telephone and designed a Piano by means of electricity and could transmit its music at a distance).

The Pianist has performed instrumental songs at the former O’Henry’s Irish Pub, located in Aptos, California, Santa Cruz County on the coast.  Also the artist has performed on Piano and as a Vocalist at the 100 year old Ebbing & Flowing Springs United Methodist Church located in Rogersville, Tennessee for the “Lee and Davenport” gathering of ancestors located in Hawkins County nestled in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains a part of the Kingsport-Bristol Tennessee and Virginia area.

As a Pianist and Vocalist she has also performed at the Swafford Chapel a Methodist Episcopal church for the “Swafford Reunion” held in Pikeville, Tennessee, Bledsoe County a part of the Sequatchie Valley.

The Pianist has performed at the Powell Baptist Church at the “Manning-Clark Reunion” held in Morristown, Tennessee, Hamblen County located in the Cumberland area at the Club house facility.

Included in her background she has performed as a Pianist and Vocalist at the “Davis Family” ceremony located at the Apostolic Church located in Hollister, California and as a long-standing member has performed over the years in the congregation.

Peggy has continued to perform for various privately held functions in the Nashville, Tennessee area.



The Artist has performed Classical Piano by Legendary Composers, Musicians Peter Tchaikovsky, Frederick Chopin, Robert Schumann, Frederic Bullard, Eduardo de Capua, W.W. Gilchrist, Johannes Brahms, Carl Von Weber, Franz Schubert, John W. Schaum, John Philip Sousa, Howard Whitney, Vivace, Emil Sochting, Cole Porter and L.W. Rossiter.



The Artist quotes that in order for her to portray a song naturally “I have to become in-tune” with my inner-feelings and release them without much thought, it must be driven with feelings hidden in the heart, and you have to bring them forth in order to create your true emotions at the time of the composition. Music to the Artist is like when she Paints and writes Poetry as it must flow out of you like a river as it is a form of release of the soul, spirit which become inner-twined, it sends cosmic energy, healing through the sound vibrations captured in each piece created that brings peace, and harmony to the listener.

Peggy believes that all living things have an elector-magnetic field which has a resonating frequency vibration pattern and when in sync with music, nature, and law of the universe we become one which helps to keep a person in balance. Music can help to heal the Psych, body and mind giving off the right vibration. The Artist believes in vibrational and sound healing as with nature and animals. This includes the sound of nature, wind, rain, drums, bells, flute, harp, piano any instrumental sound which sends off keynotes of vibration patterns for healing.


Quote: Music is a “Universal Language” that speaks to the soul and unites us all as one.  PLC

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